• Here, to build a better world

Consultancies and Reach at The Purpose

  • Who could benefit from this experience

    The Purpose offers consulting services to top executives interested in strengthening the management of their organizations, and understanding how sustainable practices can benefit them and their surroundings.

  • The Sustainability Imperative

    “The Sustainability Imperative” in our new economic and societal era, demands smarter models focused on improving our business, and also understanding the global impact caused by their implementation.

  • Opportunities at your Organization

    Sustainability is fundamental for business practices today, and much can be done to improve our current business models.

Mission, Vision and Purpose of ThePurpose

  • Mission

    At The Purpose we work to help individuals and organizations understand that we all have a purpose, and must use it in the well-doing for us all.

  • Vision

    We have the Purpose to be a key agent in awakening a sustainability culture in order to build a better world today and for the future.

  • Purpose

    Our Purpose is to ignite a sense of limitless power, fostered by working together on improving our world.

The Purpose: Practices, Actors, and Basis

The Purpose: Frame of Study and Scope of Action

  • Our methodology is based in two areas: A frame of study, to engage in discussions related to Sustainable Development; and The Scope of action, where we will be giving consulting services and coaching specifically designed for your interests and needs.

  • Frame of Study

    • Sustainability: Business, Society, Environment and global approaches
    • The ways to create wealth: For the organization and its surrounding.
  • Scope of Action

    • Revisiting/discovering Organizational Identity: For any type of Organization
    • Improve Leadership, Strategy and Management: Aligned with Identity, Dynamic, consistent execution and management

The Purpose: Approach to the Scope of action

  • Discovering The Identity

    • Organizational Identity to be rediscovered
    • Declaration of the Identity
    • Publish Identity – Communicate
  • Enhanced Leadership

    • Leader: an Identity believer
    • Performance: the right direction
    • Enhanced ability: Authenticity
  • Dynamic Strategy

    • Strategy: The How to
    • Design Process: Internal thinking
    • Dynamism: Answer to a live Organization
  • Congruent Management

    • Effective and in the right direction
    • Dynamic management of diversity and complexity
    • Execution congruent with the Organization Identity
    • Execution congruent with the Organization Surroundings