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  • 2015year

    Can 2015 be the Year of Sustainable Development?

    What events should take place in order to consider 2015 as the Year of Sustainable Development? How about a meeting of the world leaders to chart reforms of the global financial system? Or a meeting again to approve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to guide national and global policies to 2030. Definitely an assembly to “adopt a global agreement to head […]

  • womenparticipation

    “Women’s Political Participation Makes Democracy Deliver”

    Organized by a local Enactus team from Universidad del Valle, the conference began with some data about the current situation of women in Guatemala. Two problems were showcased: the lack of reproductive health and the violence against women. Among the data presented were the alarming rates of teenage pregnancy (even in girls between 10 and […]

  • Boston New Metrics 2014

    New Metrics: A way towards Sustainability

    Boston From September 24th to 26th, Sustainable Brands co-presented, along with Sustainability Initiative and MIT Sloan, the 2014 New Metrics edition in Boston, MA. It is the fourth annual conference related to Metrics, and pretends to turn ideas, and share models, tools, and strategies that had been in action by key players in the Sustainability […]


    Development Today and Sustainability

      When the World understands Development as the capacity to grow, profit as the End, and the effectiveness as its Means to reach it, the brightest minds do not seem to be open for better models. or non-profits. Intellectuals of Economy and Management also call on reflection for a better balance between competitiveness and solidarity.  […]

  • La era del desarrollo

    The Age of Sustainable Development

      All kind of Clubs of Social Responsibility, GREEN initiatives, and environmental regulations are not enough to make us aware of the need and definition of Sustainable Development.Sustainability is a broader concept, but the term is unknown, misunderstood and generally ignored by the common population. The verb develophas an overall positive connotation, adjectives to this […]