Development Today and Sustainability

The Purpose

 Desarrollo-Hoy When the World understands Development as the capacity to grow, profit as the End, and the effectiveness as its Means to reach it, the brightest minds do not seem to be open for better models. or non-profits. Intellectuals of Economy and Management also call on reflection for a better balance between competitiveness and solidarity.  At the end, many good intentions, and too few good results.Multi-nations efforts and the goals of the millennium come out, and great improvements are achieved to human beings, to take some of them out of extreme poverty into a limited survival, but the ills and evil seem to reproduce faster than the effects of the reached goals.In front of this situation, we all are called, as social actors, to think of the new model, a better proposal for development: A Sustainable Development.The simplistic analysis to the problem, finds corruption as the main cause; one that is rooted not just in the political class, but in the same culture of the Peoples.  In a deeper and better auto-criticism, it is not enough to blame corruption.  Actually the main cause is our civilization indifference and careless to the human misery, the wastage of resources, and the destruction of the planet.We must start the design and execution of a new Sustainable Development model.  One that helps to satisfy the minimum needs that take the 15% of the world population, still in extreme poverty, to a sustainable survival state, and during that transition, and inclusion, add people to a world where the basic needs can be satisfied without destroying the planet.The access to basic resources, better use of resources in general, finding better and cleaner sources of energy, are all key issues of Development Today, in such inclusive and sustainable manner to fulfill our needs which also enables a Good Tomorrow for humanity.
Nevertheless, the lack of balance in ecosystems and environment, the social deficit, the emptiness, and the human discontent, makes us reflect if survival of the fittest, and the refined economic models based on profits and efficiency established by the industrial age, is the best we can crave for the concept of Development.For decades, prophets of economics and social sciences have warned us that our abuse to the planet and the disregard for others would bring serious consequences to all of us.Global crises like the 2008-09, makes to the drivers of unbridled wealth accumulation, become the main affected ones by this system in need of ethical and sustainability reflections.The question arises within the academics of good-will from all disciplines: What are we doing wrong? The answer; silence by all the actors of not so good-will, who have misapplied a Cultural Darwinism, and raised a flag of relentless greed when they proclaimed themselves the fittest to survive.Our real problem is that societies, in general, want to continue to be sick; like in a chess game where you don´t move to sacrifice pieces, nor to an insignificant check, but towards a checkmate for humanity.Then all kind of models arise: some dull, some more assertive, with all type of patches for the economic system: Circular Economy, a new microeconomics understanding of externalities and true cost, conscious capitalism, corporate social responsibility, green demonstrations  and protests, and a spectrum of NGO´s

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