One to one

Discovering The Identity

Organizational Identity to be rediscovered
Declaration of the Identity
Publish the Identity (Communication)

One to One Program (and One to The Ones)
  • Creates an atmosphere where CEOs, Presidents, Sustainability and Strategy C-level officers question themselves on identity basics:
    Who they are, Who they want to be, and their reason to exist. Thru the program, parallel
    exercises develop on the organizations identity.
    All guided by the Consultant..

    The One to The Ones modality creates the program for the consultant to the Board or to a C-level team.
Empty the Mind (1 hour)
  • The Executive choses one activity of preference to empty the mind. (Meditation Yoga, Relaxing Massage, Swim &
    Jog, Swim & Bike, Silent walk)
  • Spa-b
Breakfast with the Consultant
Challenging the self-knowledge
  • Progressive inquiries about the corporate and the executive identities, to assess the levels of satisfaction, and the affection of that identity to the organization and its surroundings.
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Coffe Break con el Consultor
  • Preguntas progresivas sobre las identidades corporativa y del ejecutivo, midiendo niveles de satisfacción, logro y afección de la identidad hacia la organización y sus alrededores.
Self expression and Synthesis (1.5 hours)
  • Executives synthetize, write, and express about their role within the organization (and individual identity) in reference to the organizations and their surroundings.
    The Executives infer, and express their understanding of the Organization Identity, and their level of satisfaction from their findings at present.
Lunch with the Consultant
Action Plan (1 Hour)
  • The Executive discerns if change is needed on current mission, vision and purpose, to
    a) modify, and then state a modified Organizational Identity – or
    b) If no change is needed, sets the steps to officially communicate it – or
    c) Plans corrective action, to be developed jointly with Board and C-level.
  • 20140802_174438
Action Plan detailed (1.5 hours)
  • The Executive assesses the congruency of Corporate Identity to the current Leadership-Strategy-Management, practiced in the organization – and plans accordingly – or
    Works in a deeper and fundamental need of changes to an unsatisfactory current Corporate Identity – and Finds alignment-agreement-consensus back home –