TECHO: How Guatemalan Youth calls to action

  1. TECHO volunteers meet with neighbors of Buena Vista

Teens volunteer in cash donations drive for TECHO

Thousands of volunteers went out to the streets of Guatemala City, Antigua, and Quetzaltenango to ask for donations. Their cause: TECHO,  a youth led non-profit organization present in Latin America & the Caribbean. Through the joint work of families living in slums with young volunteers, TECHO seeks to overcome poverty. Their projects include emergency housing, strengthening of local leadership, and communitarian development. Estuardo Fuentes, Guatemala Social Director commented: “We want to show the opportunities we have to transform our society and work for a country with no poverty”.

After six years of work in Guatemala, “los techeros” go beyond building the wood shelters for which they became known in Latin America. “We promote spaces of social transformation”, said Verónica Montes, Social Habilitation Director. “Neighbors and volunteers participate together to achieve communitarian well-being”, she explains.

TECHO strategic objectives:

  • The promotion of community development in slums.
  • Fostering social awareness and action.
  • Political advocacy.

Driving by Guatemala City while covering this note, we found many young and teens asking for donations. Spreading their enthusiasm, they do not just contribute to a social cause. They also show us a hopeful future for Guatemala. If, that is, we can learn from this Z Generation and work together in developing a better world.

You can collaborate with the TECHO efforts by an online donation or through a monthly contribution at

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  1. Generation Z shows us a new way of enthusiasm and general caring attitud toward social issues and an inclusive human development.

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